PVC Resin  

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC. We are offering  suspention PVC Resin, with k value 65-67. We also supply  Off Grade suspention PVC resin, K Value 60-66. Our procured range is stringently checked by our quality personnel ensuring maximum satisfaction to the end users.

Application: in multiple applications such as insulation of cables, pipes and hoses in agricultural products, blister packaging, flooring tiles and films & sheets. Customized as per the requirements, this chemical is temperature & impact resistant.


HDPE :         Pipe Grade
                   Injection Moulding


LLDPE:        Film Grade
                    Injection Moulding Grade
                    Rotational Moulding 

LDPE:            Film Grade
                     Injection Moulding
 PP Homo-polymer

Homopolymer :   Injection Moulding